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Terms and conditions 2010-01-20




We sell subscriptions to the contents of our website.




Immediately after your credit-card-payment has been made, we will send a username and a password to the email-address which you have submitted when signing up.




You pay for the subscription on a recurring basis. By subscribing to the product you authorize us to charge your credit/debit card whenever the subscription is due for renewal.




You can cancel your subscription at any time for any reason. After your subscription is cancelled no further payments will be made. However, there will not be any full or partial refunds for any reason of the payments already made.




If you acquire new users who subscribe to www.lenaia.com and www.chi.guru, you will get a 20% discount on your next payment for every user, which has submitted your reference-number when signing up, and which will be subscribed at the moment that your next payment is made. If your total discount is 100% or more, your next tacit renewal will be free. If your total discount exceeds 100% of the monthly subscription price, you will not get any payment from us. If you cancel your subscription, all your discounts will be invalidated.




You must accept cookies in your browser. Otherwise, you cannot log in and stay logged in to the website.




We might track your movements on the website in order to understand your way of learning, to improve this website and to enhance your learning experience. We keep your personal data which you submit during signing up in order to be able to reactivate your subscription in case something should go wrong with your username or password.


Propriety Rights


You can only use the website online. Any download of any material on this website is prohibited. All copyrights, trademarks, patents, design rights, and other intellectual property rights relating to our websites (including, but not limited to, the underlying software, the design, graphics, layout, feel, and structure of our websites) will be and remain the sole property of Jakob Hirzel, Switzerland, and its licensee, Lenaia Ltd, Switzerland.


Personal Subscriptions


You purchase the subscription for your personal use. Sharing your subscription with anyone is prohibited. It is your responsibility to keep your password private and secure. If you believe your password may have been compromised please notify us immediately. If another person logs in with your password while you are online, your password will be invalidated immediately and you will be logged off automatically.


Changes to these Terms and Conditions


These Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice. Any such changes will be posted online on this page. If you do not agree with the new terms and conditions your only option is to cancel your subscription according to the terms set forth above.


Applicable Law and Court of Jurisdiction


This agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with Swiss law and each party submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Swiss courts. The court of jurisdiction is Winterthur, Switzerland.



Lenaia GmbH

Gosswil 1108

8492 Wila